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Zimmer, Inc.

CLS® Brevius™ with Kinectiv® Technology

Product Description

Through independent leg length, offset and version control,CLS Brevius Stem with Kinectiv Technology offers the intraoperative flexibility surgeons need to reconstruct the personalized kinematics of their patients.Its core design is based on the original CLS® Spotorno® Hip Stem showing excellent clinical history with a survival rate of 95% at 20 years1.Optimized stem length also supports surgeons in preserving more boneand facilitates less invasive surgery.

The Kinectiv Technology is unique to Zimmer and addresses leg lengthand offset restoration by offering five length options, in 4mm increments(–8mm, –4mm, +0mm, +4mm, and +8mm). This is possible by featuring a scope of strong modular straight, anteverted and retroverted necks(4° to 10°) to be used in conjunction with a +0mm femoral head only, making the whole system easy to use.

White Paper


  1. Aldinger P.R, et al: Uncemented Grit-Blasted Straight Tapered Titanium Stems in Patients Younger than Fifty-five Years of Age. Fifteen to Twenty-Year Results, J Bone Joint Surg Am. 2009;91:1432–1439