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Zimmer, Inc.

Elogenics® Finger

Product Description

Elogenics Finger is an uncemented finger joint prosthesis as a joint surface replacement for the MCP (metacarpo¬phalangeal joints II through V). It consists of a caput component and a basis component and is designed to function as an uncoupled ball and socket joint. The contours of the prosthesis features a design that approximates normal anatomy allowing biomechanical restoration of the joint. Thanks to the dorsal flattening of the caput, the soft tissues surrounding the joints are respected.

The Elogenics uncemented finger joint prosthesis The Elogenics Finger basis component is available in three sizes: S, M and L.The caput component can be obtained in four sizes: S, M, M+ and L. Head sizes M and M+ differ in the size and length of the anchoring.