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Zimmer, Inc.

The GSB III™ Elbow System

Product Description

Anatomical Design Promotes Lasting Stability

For more than 30 years, the GSB III Elbow Prosthesis has provided a well- designed solution for elbow reconstruction. With an anatomically shaped humeral component and a low-friction, “plug-in” nonconstrained connection between the humeral stem and the ulna component, the GSB III Elbow Prosthesis provides flexibility, stability and a 180 degrees range of motion.

Anchoring Principles

Due to the large surface support on the humeral condyles and to the wide anatomically shaped medullary stems, the introduction and distribution of forces is physiological. The clearance in the connection between humerus and ulna allows even strong pulling forces, not to be transferred to the ends of the medullary stems. The capsular and ligamentous apparatus is able to contribute its share to the stabilization.